The financial services industry is challenged with constant pressures to improve efficiencies around functions like transaction processing and records management, while ensuring compliance with regulatory mandates and protecting client confidentiality with rock-solid security measures. Oasys has a long track record and proven pedigree of performance helping the country’s leading financial services firms address these complexities.

Oasys can provide solutions to support the unique needs of banks and financial institutions, including

  • Electronic trading platforms
  • Regulatory/Compliance department business intelligence solutions
  • Securities trading and supervision and surveillance applications
  • Packaged futures and options clearing system



The insurance industry is facing slower growth in traditional lines of life insurance, in part from the increasing costs of healthcare insurance, as well as from new opportunities and competition from deregulation. Insurance carriers are looking for ways to streamline legacy business processes such as enrollments, underwriting, claims and customer service while building loyalty with customers and agents and generating cross-selling opportunities. Technology offers insurance companies an unprecedented opportunity to integrate and extend processes to customers and agents, while reducing costs and increasing loyalty.

Oasys provides insurance solutions in the following areas and others:

  • Customer portals for policy enrollments/re-enrollments and customer service transactions such as life changes, investment elections.
  • Broker/agent portals offer product information, plan design tools, sales proposals, commissions schedules, etc.
  • Administrative portals to administer case setup and underwriting workflow


To thrive in market expansions and downturns, companies must leverage vast amounts of information about customers, partners, products and competitors. While manufacturing and technology companies have little control over the broad economic upswings and downturns in their industries, they can better prepare for – and respond to – the demand fluctuations of their customers.

Oasys helps clients address these challenges by developing customer lifecycle strategies, and then tactically enabling these strategies through thoughtful automation of key business processes:

  • Road map planning
  • Marketing execution
  • Forecasting and pipeline management
  • Product configuration and order management
  • Customer service and customer analysis


It is a time of dramatic change in the communications industry. The convergence of traditional fixed line, wireless, cable, satellite and Internet technologies has service providers racing to:

  • Maximize on new opportunities
  • While maintaining cost efficiency and
  • Preventing customer churn in the face of strong competition and market consolidation

Now more then ever, service providers need to deliver service to their customers quickly and at a low cost. To do so, their “quote-to-cash” cycle must be efficient. Oasys’s communications solutions target the Business, Operational and Assurance issues within the quote-to-cash cycle to recover lost revenue, reduce operational expenses and recover stranded capital.

Business Solutions – Accurate quote, order and introduction and configuration of complex products through user-focused portals, CRM, business intelligence and enterprise content management (ECM)

Operational Solutions – Improved order management and provisioning through integration, SOA and business process management (BPM)

Assurance Solutions – Accurate representation of network, service and billing data through network audits, data and inventory management, revenue assurance and cost management

Oasys has the experience required to deliver major projects on time and on budget. We utilize our vast experience and intellectual property to accelerate delivery and generate value faster for our clients, at lower cost.



The retail industry has always been characterized by efficient operations, competitive pressures, low industry margins and the ability to react to customer desires. Retailers across the board face constant challenges to effectively manage inventory, personnel and per-store profitability. Access,

analysis and integration of real-time point-of-sale (inventory, pricing, shipment, etc.) information is a critical success factor in retail survival.

Oasys experts can help address the critical business concerns of the retail industry through solutions such as:

  • Cross-channel inventory and order visibility solutions
  • “Digital Dashboard” for simple, uniform access to information and applications
  • Immediate access to financial data by region or franchise
  • Customized alerts from corporate on menu updates, promotions, policy changes, etc. * Access to HR/benefits information, new hire documentation, training materials, etc.
  • Delivery of up-to-date industry news and competitive intelligence

icon-lightbulbENERGY & UTILITIES

In the energy industry, organizations are faced with changing economic landscapes, fluctuating natural gas and oil prices, government regulations and more. Deregulation, volatile markets and consumer demand are increasing competition and driving new business opportunities in all areas of the industry including oil and gas, electricity, utilities, and energy trading.

To assist clients in these demanding times, Oasys provides a wide array of services that address the strategic, financial and regulatory needs of the energy industry:

  • Portal solutions for commodities trading risk management, document management and B2B and B2C information sharing
  • User experience testing for optimal usability of Internet and other applications
  • Application integration to best utilize existing services and technologies
  • Leverage business intelligence for informed decision making
  • Improved customer satisfaction through enhanced support and account data access capabilities